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Dear Ladies

1 9 8 3 – 1 9 8 5 (UK)
21 x 30 minute episodes

This BBC sitcom starred Dame Hilda Bracket and Dr Evadne Hinge “at home” in Stackton Tressel, a fictional, archetypal English village.

The two eccentric spinsters were the stage personae of musical performance and female impersonation artists George Logan and Patrick Fyffe.

Stackton Tressel (or simply Stackton) was said to be in Suffolk though location filming for the series took place in picturesque Cheshire towns and villages including Knutsford, Great Budworth and Nantwich.

In some episodes of Dear Ladies Stackton Tressel – based upon the village of Acton Trussell in Staffordshire, which was the birthplace of Patrick Fyffe – appears to be larger than a village with a town council, department store (Ahlers) and several other shops.

Dame Hilda Nemone Bracket
Patrick Fyffe
Dr Evadne Mona Montpelier Hinge
George Logan