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Detective in the House

1 9 8 5 (USA)
6 x 60 minute episodes

Longing for a career as a private detective, Press Wyman (Judd Hirsch), a mechanical engineer with a promising future, relinquishes his well-paying job to pursue his life-long dream.

The short-lived CBS series relates his misadventures as he attempts to divide his time between his new career as a fledgeling detective and his responsibilities as a house husband who must now care for his three children, Deborah (Mandy Ingber), Todd (Meeno Peluce) and Dunc (RJ Williams), while his wife Diane (Cassie Yates) resumes her job as a teacher.

Nick Turner (Jack Elam) is Press’s mentor, a once-legendary private eye who is now retired and living in confused splendour in a mansion decorated with lawn furniture.

Press Wyman
Judd Hirsch
Diane Wyman
Cassie Yates
Deborah Wyman
Mandy Ingber
Todd Wyman
Meeno Peluce
Dunc Wyman
RJ Williams
Nick Turner
Jack Elam