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District Nurse, The

1 9 8 4 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)
36 x 50 minute episodes

Nerys Hughes played Megan Roberts – the new ‘Queen’s Nurse’ in the mining village of Pencwm – tut-tutting at 1920s Welsh miners’ families.

Typically conservative (with a small ‘c’), the local residents treated their new arrival with suspicion. Perhaps it was her sit-up-and-beg bicycle and hideous hat that frightened the miners.

More probably it was because she came from North Wales, and what’s more, was a walking symbol of uniformed authority.

The fact that she was a woman, taking control in a man’s world, only made matters worse.

Battling prejudice and ignorance at every turn, the determined and bossy Megan finally won acceptance and was able to improve medical practice in the village.

For the third series, shown three years later and set in 1932, Megan had moved to the seaside town of Glanmor, where she lived in the busy household of Dr Emlyn Isaacs.

Megan Roberts
Nerys Hughes
David Price
John Ogwen
Gwen Harris
Margaret John
Hugh Morris
Philip Raymond
Dr O’Casey
Rio Fanning
Nesta Mogg
Deborah Manship
Ken Morgan
Bryn Morris
Gareth Potter
Dylan Roderick
Ian Saynor
Sarah Hopkin
Elen Roger Jones
Will Hopkin
Ernest Evans
Evalina Williams
Beth Morris
Dr Emlyn Isaacs
Freddie Jones
Dr James Isaacs
Nicholas Jones
‘Captain’ Mansel
Jack Walters