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Dogtanian & the Three Muskehounds

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Swashbuckling doggy-style in this cute canine re-working of the classic Alexander Dumas novel set in 17th Century France.

Originally titled D’Artacan y los tres Mosqueperros, the cartoon was created by Spanish studio BRB Internacional (who were also responsible for Around the World with Willy Fog) and made in Japan by Nippon Animation.

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Dogtanian, en route from Gascony to Paris, joins the King’s Own Guard, falls in love with the beautiful Juliette and then teams up with master swordsmen Athos, Porthos and Aramis.

The series became something of a minor classic when it was (belatedly) shown on Children’s BBC in 1985, picking up numerous international awards.

Most people just remember the break-neck speed in which it was dubbed, and the catchy theme tune, “One for all and all for one, It’s a pretty story, Sharing everything with fun, That’s the way to be.”

A second series, – set some years later – was less well received.

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