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Dolphin Cove

1 9 8 9 (Australia)
8 x 60 minute episodes

Michael Larson (Frank Converse) is a research scientist based in Los Angeles.

When an opportunity arises for him to study dolphins in Australia, he moves his family to Queensland and begins the project on behalf of Baron Trent (Nick Tate), the owner of Trent Enterprises, who has a research lab at Dolphin Cove.

Michael is a widower and the father of two teenage children: Katie (Karron Graves) and David (Trey Ames).

Katie, who suffered a traumatic shock in the car accident that killed her mother, is unable to speak and attends the all-girl Southberry School. She receives special instruction at home from one of its teachers, Allison Mitchell (Virginia Hey).

Katie’s disability gives her a special affinity with the dolphins Michael is studying – “Slim” and “Delbert” – a situation that he cannot explain.

David attends the all-boy Saint Crispin’s School. Michael is assisted by James (“Didge”) Desmonde (Ernie Dingo), a local aboriginal.

Michael Larson
Frank Converse
David Larson
Trey Ames
Katie Larson
Karron Graves
Alison Mitchell
Virginia Hey
Ernie Dingo
Baron Trent
Nick Tate
Kevin Mitchell
Anthony Richards