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Domestic Life

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10 x 30 minute episodes

The Domestic Life Report is a commentary delivered each day by Martin Crane (Martin Mull) for The Active 8 News on KMRT-TV, Channel 8, in Seattle, Washington.

Martin’s commentary reflects the world of bliss he would like to live, not the actual problems he faces at work and at home – at 106 Liberty Lane – where he lives with his wife, Candy (Judith-Marie Bergan), and his children, Didi (Megan Follows) and Harold (Christian Brackett-Zika).

Didi is a very pretty, fashion-conscious 14-year-old girl who attends Lincoln High School. She is smart, but not as bright as her ten-year-old brother, Harold, an apparent genius who reads the Wall Street Journal and dabbles in the stock market.

Harold (pictured at right) has already made a killing and opened up an IRA account, while all of Martin’s money, on the other hand, is “tied up in bills”.

When Martin is in need of money, he borrows it from Harold. On his way home from school, Harold stops by E.F. Hutton (the stockbrokers) to read the stock ticker.

Harold attends the Conklin Street Grammar School and is a member of the Sox Little League team.

The after school hangout is the Burger Corral, and Didi and Harold see movies at the Rialto Theater.

Harold’s possessive girlfriend is Sally Dwyer (Tina Yothers, famous for Family Ties), a fellow ten-year-old who is “wildly attracted” to him. She calls him “Dough Boy”. He calls her “Sookie”. Sally makes gourmet meals in her Patty Play Pal Oven.

Cliff Hamilton (Robert Ridgely) is the Active 8 news anchor, Enid (Allyn Ann McLerie) is his wife and Amy (Sandra Alexander), his daughter.

Jane Funakubo (Mie Hunt) is the co-anchor.

Martin Crane
Martin Mull
Candy Crane
Judith-Marie Bergan
Harold Crane
Christian Brackett-Zika
Didi Crane
Megan Follows
Cliff Hamilton
Robert Ridgely
Jane Funakubo
Mie Hunt
Enid Hamilton
Allyn Ann McLerie
Amy Hamilton
Sandra Alexander
KMRT Floor Manager
Jeffrey A. Thomas
Rip Steele
Hoyt Axton
Sally Dwyer
Tina Yothers