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Double Dare

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 9 (USA)

This children’s game show, hosted by Marc Summers, aired on Nickelodeon.

Two teams of children, boys vs. girls, competed. The first team was asked a question and received ten points for a correct answer.

If they were unable to answer, they would ‘dare’ the opposing team to answer it. If the opposing team answered correctly, they scored 20 points.

If, however, the second team felt they could not answer correctly, they could ‘double dare’ their opponents to answer. The original team could then attempt to answer or take a physical challenge (perform a stunt) to earn the points.

The team that scored the most points (via the most correctly answered questions or most completed stunts) won the game and competed in a final, multi-faceted stunt round that could earn them a number of prizes based on the number of plateaus they successfully completed.

There have been several revivals of the show since.

Marc Summers