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Double Trouble

1 9 8 4 – 1 9 8 5 (USA)
23 x 30 minute episodes

Identical 18-year old twins Allison and Kate Foster (played by real-life twins Jean and Liz Sagal) have brown hair and brown eyes and are five feet three inches tall. Allison is quiet and serious while Kate is a wild and mischievous.

They live at 1555 North Ridge Drive in Des Moines, Iowa, with their widowed father, Art Foster (Donnelly Rhodes).

Allison and Kate, recent graduates of Des Moines High School, work as aerobic instructors in Art’s Gym, which is owned by Art and his partner Beth McConnell (Pat Richardson).

This storyline ran from April 1984 to May 1984, but when the series returned in December 1984, Allison and Kate were in New York City to pursue their career goals – Allison as a fashion designer and Kate as an actress.

They now lived in Manhattan (at 49 West 74th Street) with their aunt, Margo Foster (Barbara Barrie), the famous author of Bongo the Bear children’s stories. Allison studied at the Manhattan Fashion Institute under hard-to-impress Mr Arrechia (Michael D. Roberts).

Kate, who most often worked as a dancer for the Wacko Wiener Works Company (promoting their product), attended audition after audition, hoping for her big break.

Stories, which ran until April 1985, followed the girls as they pursued their dreams.

Allison Foster
Jean Sagal
Kate Foster
Liz Sagal
Art Foster
Donnelly Rhodes
Beth McConnell
Pat Richardson
Margo Foster
Barbara Barrie
Billy Batalato
Jonathan Schmock
Mr Arrechia
Michael D. Roberts
Bobby Ramsen
Aileen Lewis
Anne-Marie Johnson