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Dr Science

1 9 8 7 (USA)
10 x 30 minute episodes

A humorous approach to the sciences as seen through the antics of the bombastic Dr Science (Dan Coffey) – “I know more than you do” – as he investigates various aspects of the past and present.

Rodney (Merle Kessler) and Judy (Denny Dillon) assisted him. Mr Pickett (Bill Allard) was his neighbour and Zeke (Leon Martell) was the security guard for the building.

Comedian Dan Coffey had appeared as Dr Science on 130 public radio stations across the US before making the transition to television. He and Merle Kessler (Rodney) had been members of the Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre comedy troupe that formed in Iowa City in 1975.

Dr Science
Dan Coffey
Merle Kessler
Mr Pickett
Bill Allard
Leon Martell
Denny Dillon