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1 9 8 4 (USA)
5 x 30 minute episodes

Welder Gino Minelli (John Stamos, formerly of General Hospital) is one of five young Philadelphians trying to make it as a rock band. Gino is the lead singer, lead guitarist and a magnet for groupies.

Martha (Jami Gertz) is a backing singer (and a shoe clerk by day); Gino’s roommate Phil (Cain Devore) plays the guitar; Weiner (Albert Macklin) is the hyperactive keyboard player and resident jester; and rich blonde girl Lisa (Valerie Stevenson) is the lead singer, songwriter and pianist. She is also the daughter of a US Senator.

The kids work at mundane day jobs and at night they play at a neighbourhood club owned by Gino’s Uncle Frank (Ron Karabatsos) – a boorish jerk who does a terrible Ralph Kramden imitation.

The music is saccharine soft rock, similar in style to Rick Springfield.

Dreams was mainly filmed at Charles Evans Hughes School in the San Fernando Valley (Gino and Phil’s apartment and Franks Bar). Although short-lived – 12 episodes were filmed but only five episodes aired before CBS cancelled the show – it was the first network series to be broadcast in stereo.

Gino Minnelli
John Stamos
Martha Spino
Jami Gertz
Phil Taylor
Cain Devore
Morris Weiner
Albert Macklin
Lisa Copley
Valerie Stevenson
Louise Franconi
Sandy Freeman
Frank Franconi
Ron Karabatsos
Bill Henderson