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Duck Factory, The

1 9 8 4 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This 1984 NBC sitcom was set at Buddy Winkler Productions – an ailing animation studio in Hollywood, located in “The Duck Factory”, a rundown building at 1579 Bruckner.

The studio was making a show called Dippy Duck and newly arrived Skip Tarkenton (Jim Carrey) was eager to make his mark as a cartoonist. Skip was hired following the death of the company’s leader, Buddy Winkler himself, by Winkler’s vivacious and ditzy widow Sheree (Teresa Ganzel).

Sheree had been a topless Las Vegas ice skater when Buddy spotted her. They fell in love and married, but three weeks later Buddy was gone. Sheree inherited everything: Buddy’s house (“Casa Contento”), his money and his business holdings, including his chain of adult motels, his religious radio station, Buddy Winkler Realty and Buddy Winkler Productions.

Although Buddy Winkler Productions was losing money, Sheree decided to keep the company going to save the jobs of the employees.

While Skip was full of the joys of life, his co-workers were far more cynical about the machinations of Hollywood. Fellow staffers included ageing artist Brooks Carmichael (Jack Gilford) who had been an animator for 40 years; writer Marty Fenneman (Jay Tarses); film editor Andrea Lewin (Nancy Lane); and uptight business manager Agatha (‘Aggie’) Aylesworth (Julie Payne), who called Sheree “The Widow Winkler”.

Real-life veteran cartoon voice guy, Don Messick, starred as Wally Wooster, the voice of Dippy Duck.

Pancho’s was the local coffeehouse hangout.

Skip Tarkenton 
Jim Carrey
Mrs Sheree Winkler 

Teresa Ganzel
Brooks Carmichael 

Jack Gilford
Agatha ‘Aggie’ Aylesworth 

Julie Payne
Andrea Lewin 

Nancy Lane
Marty Fenneman 

Jay Tarses
Roland Culp 

Clarence Gilyard Jnr
Wally Wooster 

Don Messick
Wendy Wooster
Jo Ann Harris
Bumps Carmichael
Walter Olkewicz