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Eisenhower & Lutz

1 9 8 8 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Following his graduation from the Las Vegas School of Law and Acupuncture, Bud Lutz (Scott Bakula) struggles as a store-front lawyer in Vegas so he and his barmaid girlfriend Megan O’Malley (DeLane Matthews) decide to relocate to Palm Springs, California, where he hopes he will attract richer clients.

Bud takes a vacant shop near a high accident intersection and sets up as “Eisenhower and Lutz” – although there is no ‘Eisenhower’. Bud’s father, “Big Bud” (Henderson Forsythe) painted the name on the sign to make his son’s law firm sound more impressive.

Millie (Rose Portillo) is his sarcastic secretary and Dwayne (Leo Geter) an eager young law student doubling as a gofer (who also delivered sushi).

Bud’s former high school girlfriend, Kay (Patricia Richardson) is a partner at the prestigious law firm of Griffin, McKendrick and Dunne and the subject of several “love triangle” storylines.

13 episodes were broadcast between March and June 1988 on CBS, where it was scheduled on Monday nights following Newhart.

Barnett M ‘Bud’ Lutz, Jr
Scott Bakula
Megan O’Malley
DeLane Matthews
Kay ‘K.K.’ Dunne
Patricia Richardson
Millie Zamora
Rose Portillo
Dwayne Spitler
Leo Geter
Barnett M ‘Big Bud’ Lutz
Henderson Forsythe