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Famous Teddy Z, The

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
20 x 30 minute episodes

How do you get to be a famous Hollywood talent agent at the age of 23?

First, you get a job in the mailroom at UTA – Unlimited Talent Agency – next to a comely co-worker (Jane Sibbett). Then you get sent in a limo to pick up a client, a world-famous actor and world-class jerk, from the airport.

After this actor has insulted you a few times, you tell the driver to stop the car. Then you get out and punch the guy in the stomach, whereupon he asks you to be his agent – because you’re the first person he’s met at UTA who has any guts.


That’s how it’s done. Just ask Teddy Zakalokis (Jon Cryer of Pretty In Pink fame), who was henceforth known as “The Famous Teddy Z”.

The show was driven by the never-ending conflict between Teddy and Al Floss (Alex Rocco) – the loud-mouthed agent who preceded him.

The series was based on a semi-famous Hollywood story about how Marlon Brando came to choose his agent. According to legend, the young man Brando selected was a mailroom employee and had merely been sent to meet the actor at the train station. But Brando took an instant liking to him and made him his agent.

The man who really met Brando at the station was Jay Kantner, who went on to be Chairman of Production at Pathe Entertainment. Kantner was in fact, not working in the mailroom when he met Brando and was already an agent at that time.

Teddy Zakalokis
Jon Cryer
Laurie Parr
Jane Sibbett
Abe Werkfinder
Milton Selzer
Deena Zakalokis
Erica Yohn
Richie Herby
Tom La Grua
Aristotle Zakalokis
Josh Blake
Al Floss
Alex Rocco