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First Born

1 9 8 8 (UK)
3 x 50 minute episodes

Charles Dance starred in this BBC television adaptation of Maureen Duffy’s darkly disturbing novel, Gorsaga.

Dance played Edward Forester, a geneticist who mixed his own sperm with cells from a female gorilla to create an infant man-ape, Gor(don).

The child grew into a fine and human-looking son who, when told the facts of his cross-species birth, demanded to see his mother – a gorilla named Mary, who beat him to death in a violent rage.

To pile on the horrors (and the dire warnings about the dangers of playing God) Forester’s incestuous daughter Nell gave birth to Gor’s child, who was plainly a hybrid.

Edward Forester
Charles Dance
Ann Forester
Julie Peasgood
Philip Madoc
Peter Wiggins (child)
Jamie Foster
Nell Forester
Beth Pearce (child)
Gabrielle Anwar
Nancy Knott
Rosemary McHale
Chris Knott
Peter Tilbury
Dr Graham
Roshan Seth
Marc de Jonge
Niven Boyd
Emily Jessop
Sharon Duce