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For Maddie with Love

1 9 8 0 (UK)
48 x 30 minute episodes

Ian Hendry and Nyree Dawn Porter starred as Malcolm and Maddie Laurie – a happy couple whose marriage was suddenly threatened as they had to come to terms with the fact that Maddie had a terminal disease.

Hard-hitting and unsentimental, this daytime afternoon drama became compulsive viewing throughout much of 1980 due to its powerful take on terminal illness, self-determined euthanasia and the aftermath of a death in the family.

Produced by ATV, the twice-weekly serial had excellent writing and an affecting, stylishly minimalist design ethic.

Malcolm Laurie
Ian Hendry
Maddie Laurie
Nyree Dawn Porter
Jack Burrows
Robert Lang
Angela Burrows
June Lewis
Neil Laurie
Robert Duncan