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Fortune Dane

1 9 8 6 (USA)
6 x 80 minute episodes

Detective Fortune Dane (Carl Weathers) is a former pro football player that decides to go into law enforcement and becomes a hotshot detective in Washington DC.

In his spare time, Dane coaches youngsters in football, advising them that ”you only fight to save your life and protect the family honour.”

When a hit-man named Warlock brutally massacres nine people including his midget friend, Augie (David Rappaport) in a cold-blooded attack with an Uzi, Dane demands justice.

As he pieces together the facts surrounding the slaughter, he gets too close to the truth – someone important wants him stopped.

Hired killers stalk him, blackmailers plant drugs to threaten him, and his Captain pulls him off the case.

The unthinkable happens when the evidence condemns the last person Dane would ever suspect.

He hands in his badge and takes matters into his own hands – fighting for his goal, his code, and his life.

Fortune Dane
Carl Weathers
Speed Davenport
Daphne Ashbrook
Augie Briscoe
David Rappaport
Assistant D.A. Amy Steiner
Alberta Watson
Mayor Amanda Harding
Penny Fuller
Charles Dane
Adolph Caesar
Captain Cooper
Ron Karabatsos
‘Perfect’ Tommy Nicautri
Joe Dallesandro