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1 9 8 0 (UK)
13 x 60 minute episodes

Thames Television produced this 13-part story of 70-year-old South London Godfather Billy Fox (Peter Vaughan) – who terrified other villains but was kind to the ordinary folk on his manner – and his large family, including second wife Connie (Elizabeth Spriggs), his five sons and their respective wives, mistresses and offspring.

The boys were Vin (Bernard Hill), working in the construction industry, Kenny (Ray Winstone), an aspiring welterweight boxer, Joey (Larry Lamb), a womanising taxi driver, Phil (Eamon Boland), a student, and finally Ray (Derrick O’Connor).

Also prominent were Vin’s wife, Renie (Rosemary Martin) and their deaf son, Andy (Richard Weinbaum) pictured at left, who was Billy’s pride and joy.

The drama showed how the family struggled to deal with ‘King’ Billy’s death. Despite receiving the Monday night 9 pm timeslot, Fox never made the ratings Top 10, but was compelling drama all the same.

Billy Fox 
Peter Vaughan
Connie Fox 

Elizabeth Spriggs
Vin Fox
Bernard Hill
Kenny Fox 

Ray Winstone
Joey Fox 

Larry Lamb
Phil Fox 

Eamon Boland 
Ray Fox 

Derrick O’Connor 
Renie Fox 
Rosemary Martin

Cindy O’Callaghan
Anna Pegram 

Yvette Dotrice 

Trudie Goodwin
Andy Fox 

Richard Weinbaum

Helen Gelzer 

Patrick Hannaway 

Bob Bryan
Patricia Quinn


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