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Free Spirit

1 9 8 9 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
14 x 30 minute episodes

Thomas (TJ) Harper (Franc Luz) is an attorney and single parent with three children: 15-year-old Robb (Paul Scherrer), 13-year-old Jessie (Alyson Hannigan) and 10-year-old Gene (Edan Gross).


Tom works mostly at home, but he doesn’t spend enough time with the kids – and it shows.

Robb and Gene need a lot more attention than they’re getting and Jessie is trying so hard to be the ‘mother’ for this family that she’s losing out on the fun of just being Jessie.

What this family needs is somebody with a magic touch.

Enter their new housekeeper Winnie Goodwinn (Corinne Bohrer) – a funky free spirit who happens to be a witch.

Need an egg for breakfast? Poof – there’s a brood of hens in the kitchen cabinet. Robb can’t get tickets to the Pond Scum concert? Poof – two tickets pop up in the toaster . . .

But sometimes Winnie’s magic goes awry (the concert tickets turn out to be forgeries and they’re picked up by the cops) and Tom doesn’t know she’s a witch. The kids do – but they’re not telling.

Winnie Goodwinn
Corinne Bohrer
Thomas J Harper
Franc Luz
Gene Harper
Edan Gross
Jessie Harper
Alyson Hannigan
Robb Harper
Paul Scherrer