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French and Saunders

1 9 8 7 – 2 0 0 7 (UK)

This award-winning British comedy sketch show from the distaff duo of The Comic Strip Presents… debuted on 9 March 1987 and featured a gallery of characters of unnerving comic exactitude.

Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders joked about the bossiness, spite and weediness of women, flanked by game guests and their resident musicians, Raw Sex (Roland Rivron and Simon Brint), pictured below.

As the popularity of the duo grew over six series they became mainstream stars and their Christmas Specials big events.

Both Saunders and French went on to become individual stars in the comedy firmament. Saunders created Absolutely Fabulous – itself a spin-off from a French and Saunders sketch. French had success with The Vicar of Dibley.

The two comedians reunited for a Christmas Special in 2005, and a clip show – 300 Years of French and Saunders – in 2017.

Jennifer Saunders
Dawn French