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From Here to Eternity

1 9 8 0 (USA)
12 x 60 minute episodes

The TV miniseries of James Joyce’s novel did well in 1979, prompting NBC to wonder how long an Eternity could last.

The story in the 1980 series opens with the attack on Pearl Harbor but moves quickly from military combat to the much more interesting battles of the sexes.

The combatants include William Devane as the central character of Sergeant Warden; his major Dana Holmes (Roy Thinnes), Holmes’ wife Karen (Barbara Hershey), Lorene Rogers (Kim Basinger) as the fallen woman who hopes to rise again; and Don Johnson as Jefferson Davis Prewitt, who goes to Hawaii to find out what’s happened to his brother, Robert E Lee Prewitt (seen in flashbacks), the born boxer who hated to fight.

Master Sgt. Milt Warden
William Devane
Major Dana Holmes
Roy Thinnes
Lorene Rogers
Kim Basinger
Constance Ball
Rawn Hutchinson
Karen Holmes
Barbara Hershey
Capt. David Ross
David Spielberg
Pvt. Ignacio Carmona
Steven Bauer
Emily Austin
Lacey Neuhaus
Lt. Ken Barrett
John Calvin
Sgt. Cheney
Will Sampson
Jefferson ‘Jeff’ Davis Prewitt
Don Johnson
Gert Kipfer
Salome Jens