Home Television Drama Gavilan


1 9 8 2 – 1 9 8 3 (USA)
10 x 60 minute episodes

Gavilan had something for everyone: For the men, there were gorgeous women in bikinis. For the women, there was Robert Urich in a wetsuit.

For environmentalists, there was a save-the-whales story. For kids, there were educational tidbits.

And for fans of Vega$, there was the former Dan Tanna getting even more Tanna here as Robert Gavilan, a former CIA agent who’s now a consultant to the DeWitt Institute, an oceanographic research organisation based in Malibu, California.


For good-natured aggravation, there was Kate Reid as Mrs Marion Jaworksi, the director of the institute who made sure Gavilan earned his fee.

And for everyone, there was adventure – underwater thrills, motorboat chases, even sword-carrying Japanese assassins.

Fernando Lamas was originally cast in the series as Milo Bentley, a roguish Latin aristocrat forced into exile, but illness forced him to withdraw after filming a handful of episodes. The part was recast with Patrick Macnee, and the scenes were re-shot.

Gavilan had a submarine he called ‘Buzz’ and could be reached by phone at 555-3224.

Robert Gavilan
Robert Urich
Milo Bentley
Patrick Macnee
Marion Jaworski
Kate Reid