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Gentle Touch, The

1 9 8 0 – 1 9 8 4 (UK)
56 x 60 minute episodes

The Gentle Touch introduced Britain’s first starring female cop, Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes of Soho’s Seven Dials police station. Maggie beat Juliet Bravo to the honour by a mere five months.


The widowed mother of a teenage son, much of Forbes’ initial attention – and thus the viewers’ – was given over to her downbeat home life.

As the seasons passed, however, the LWT series moved into action mode (although non-driving actress Jill Gascoine always had to be filmed behind the wheel of a tiresomely stationary car) and eventually morphed into C.A.T.S. Eyes in which Forbes led an intelligence squad.

DI Maggie Forbes
Jill Gascoine
DCI Russell
William Marlowe
DI Bob Croft
Brian Gaspari