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Goodtime Girls

1 9 8 0 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Four young ladies – levelheaded Edith (Annie Potts), girl-next-door Betty (Lorna Patterson), dumb blonde Loretta (Georgia Engel) and stuck-up Camille (Francine Tacker) – are forced to share a one-room apartment in Washington DC during World War II.

The four learned to live together and help each other and also took jobs to help the war effort.

George (Merwin Goldsmith) and Irma (Marcia Lewis) Coolidge were their landlords, Frankie (Adrian Zmed) was a cab-driving buddy of the girls and Benny (Peter Scolari) was a pal of Frankie’s.

Scott Baio (Happy Days) guested as Edith’s brother and Micheal McKean (Lenny from Laverne and Shirley) as a bitter soldier in a wheelchair.

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Edith Bedelmeyer
Annie Potts
Betty Crandall
Lorna Patterson
Loretta Smoot
Georgia Engel
Camille Rittenhouse
Francine Tacker
Irma Coolidge
Marcia Lewis
George Coolidge
Merwin Goldsmith
Benny Loman
Peter Scolari
Frankie Millardo
Adrian Zmed
Scott Baio
Michael McKean