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Happy Familes

1 9 8 5 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This Ben Elton-scripted comedy had an about-to-expire mad dowager sending her doltish grandson, Guy Fuddle (Adrian Edmondson), to find his four sisters who were scattered in all corners of the world.

Madelaine was living in an arty French commune, Joyce was a novice nun, Roxanne was in jail, and Cassie was a Hollywood soap actress. All the sisters (and the grandmother) were played by a virtuoso Jennifer Saunders.

Guy’s quests were smartly filmed in an appropriate style, e.g. grainy documentary for the jail shots, soft-focus for the Tinseltown episode etc.

Even so, the show never quite sparked enough enthusiasm to counter its far-fetchedness.

Guy Fuddle
Adrian Edmondson
Jennifer Saunders
Dawn French
Dr. De Quick
Stephen Fry
Helen Lederer