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Harper Valley PTA

1 9 8 1 – 1 9 8 2 (USA)
36 x 30 minute episodes

Barbara Eden reprised her 1978 feature film role as Stella Johnson in this NBC sitcom.

Stella, a widow with a 13-year-old daughter called Dee, lived in Harper Valley, Ohio, a community fresh out of The Stepford Wives . . .

Stella was a very proactive member of the school PTA board (hence the title) but the rest of the board thought Stella was far too radical for them and were determined to be rid of her.

The leader of the PTA was snooty Flora Simpson Reilly who hated Stella with a passion.

For the second season of the show, the title was shortened to simply Harper Valley, and the PTA component of the storyline took a back seat as the setting became a more traditional suburban one and Stella took up with Harper Valley’s newspaper publisher, Tom Meechum (Christopher Stone).

Stella’s Uncle Buster (a wacky inventor) also moved in with her and Dee.

Stella Johnson 
Barbara Eden
Dee Johnson 

Jenn Thompson
Flora Simpson Reilley 

Anne Francine
Cassie Bowman 

Fannie Flagg
Mayor Otis Harper Jr 

George Gobel
Wanda Reilly Taylor 

Bridget Hanley
Scarlett Taylor 

Suzi Dean
Bobby Taylor 

Rod McCary
Tom Meechum 

Christopher Stone
Norman Clayton 

Gary Allen
Vivian Washburn 

Mari Gorman
Willamae Jones 

Edie McClurg
Cliff Willoughby 

Robert Gray
George Kelly 

Vic Dunlop
Coach Burt Powell 

Kevin Scannell
Uncle Buster 

Mills Watson