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1 9 8 7 (USA)

Alan Arkin starred as wheeler-dealer hospital supply clerk Harry Porschak in this short-lived ABC comedy (it ran for only three weeks in March 1987).

Kidney-stone pools and outpatient poker were the order of the day in Harry’s basement domain at County General Hospital.

Overbearing Nurse Duckett (Holland Taylor) and her meek, bow-tied toady Lawrence (Thom Bray) were his chief nemeses, and Wyatt Lockhart (Kurt Knudson) the bemused hospital administrator.

Harry Porschak
Alan Arkin
Richard Breskin
Richard Lewis
Bobby Kratz
Matt Craven
Dr Sandy Clifton
Barbara Dana
Nurse Ina Duckett
Holland Taylor
Wyatt Lockhart
Kurt Knudson
Lawrence Pendelton
Thom Bray