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Hollywood Beat

1 9 8 5 (USA)
14 x 60 minute episodes

Someone is killing the street people who hang out in Hollywood. This is the turf of undercover cops Nick McCarren (Jack Scalia) and Jack Rado (Jay Acovone), and they take umbrage when “their people” start turning up dead.

They’ve developed a network of friends and informants that includes George (John Matuszak), a former linebacker who is openly gay and too big for anyone to say anything about it; Lita (Ann Turkel), the gorgeous owner of a neighbourhood bar; Lady Di, a feisty bag lady; and Billy Night Eyes, a Blackfoot Indian who runs an all-night newsstand.

With their help, Nick and Jack go after the bad guys who invade their beat, which has a certain gritty look and contemporary sound reminiscent of Miami Vice.

Captain Wes Biddle (Edward Winter) was their boss.

Detective Nick McCarren
Jack Scalia
Detective Jack Rado
Jay Acovone
George Grinsky
John Matuszak
Captain Wes Biddle
Edward Winter
Lady Di
Barbara Cason
Ann Turkel
Billy Night Eyes
Michael Horse