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Home Sweet Home

1 9 8 1 (Australia)
26 x 30 minute episodes

Melbourne taxi driver Enzo Pacelli (John Bluthal) – an Italian immigrant – is determined to keep his old country’s traditions alive, although his children are true blue Aussies.

This awful and remarkably unfunny sitcom from the Australian ABC was a dreary waste of public money. A talented cast was wasted, and not even John Bluthal – an actor with a deserved international reputation – could make it bearable.

ABC executives were obviously so delighted with the lack of interest in the show when it was first screened that they rushed, whooping with glee, into a second series.

Enzo Pacelli
John Bluthal
Bobby Pacelli
Christopher Bell
Tony Pacelli
Miles Buchanan
Sofia Pacelli
Maria Rosa Cerizza
Maria Pacelli
Arianthe Galani
Anna Pacelli
Carmen Tanti
Father Murphy
Edmund Pegge