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1 9 8 9 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Darryl Harper (Darryl Sivad) has recently given up a job writing advertising jingles to be a teacher in an inner-city school. He’s married to Virginia (Penny Johnson), a medical student.

They live in an apartment building owned by Virginia’s dad, Phil (Bill Cobbs) and every so often – say, once every three seconds – Phil makes a barbed comment about Darryl’s lack of gumption (“I have to get to work, Mr Schoolteacher. Some of us have careers that don’t involve doing the hokeypokey”.)

Darryl Harper
Darryl Sivad
Virginia Harper
Penny Johnson
Phil Drexler
Bill Cobbs
Billy Dee Willis
Trent Cameron
Jahary Bennett
Anthony Harper
Claude Brooks
Lisa Forest
Daphne Jones