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1 9 8 5 (USA)
10 x 60 minute episodes

Ben Abbott (Franc Luz) and Mary Newell (Jane Kaczmarek) have been a devoted couple since their college years in the 1960s and have two teenage daughters.

They shock their friends and kids when they send out invitations for their wedding as everyone had assumed they had been married for years.

Their wedding brought old college pals from the 60s back to town, like Jane (Christine Estabrook), a professor and Presidential adviser; Peter (John Bedford Lloyd), also a professor; Joey (Daniel Stern), a restaurant cook who’s happy if not successful; Christopher (Andrew Rubin), a rock star who’s successful if not happy, and neurotic Barbara (Margaret Whitton), who doesn’t want anyone to know that her rich husband is divorcing her.

Mary and Christopher once had a massive crush on each other, Joey likes Jane, and Barbara once dumped Joey and now regrets it.

This CBS comedy series explored the lives and relationships of the group of old friends.

Mary Newell Abbott
Jane Kaczmarek
Ben Abbott
Franc Luz
Barbara Donnelly
Margaret Whitton
Christopher Springer
Andrew Rubin
Peter Kincaid
John Bedford Lloyd
Jane Parnell
Christine Estabrook
Joey Nathan
Daniel Stern