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1 9 8 4 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)

During the seven years this police drama screened, NBC changed the day and time the series was aired so many times that viewers found it difficult to remember when to watch the show.

The main character was Detective Sergeant Rick Hunter of the Los Angeles Police Department, who was played by former NFL star Fred Dryer.

Hunter’s successive LAPD partners were all attractive young women; Detective Sergeant Dee Dee McCall – the “brass cupcake” – (for six years) and then Detective Sergeant Joanne Malenski (for one year) and finally Sergeant Chris Novak.

Also appearing regularly in the series were James Whitmore Jr as Sergeant Bernie Terwilliger, Arthur Rosenberg as Captain Lester Cain, John Amos as Captain Dolan, Bruce Davison as Captain Wyler, Charles Hallahan as Captain Charlie Devane, John Shearin as Lt Ambrose Finn, Richard Beauchamp as Carlos, Garret Morris as Arnold ‘Sporty’ James, Perry Cook as Coroner Barney Udall, and Rudy Ramos as Reuben Garcia.


After six years in the homicide division of the LAPD Hunter was transferred to the city’s elite Metro Division, where he took on a wider variety of high-profile cases.

Det. Sgt. Rick Hunter 
Fred Dryer
Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall 

Stephanie Kramer
hunter4Captain Dolan 
John Amos
Det. Sgt. Joanne Malenski
Darlanne Fluegel
Captain Lester Cain
Arthur Rosenberg 
Arnold ‘Sporty’ James

Garrett Morris
Captain Wyler
Bruce Davison
Sgt Bernie Terwilliger

James Whitmore Jr
Captain Charlie Devane
Charles Hallahan
Lt Ambrose Finn
John Shearin
Richard Beauchamp
Officer Righetti 
Joe Bucci
Officer Bob Webb 

Jack Capece
Officer Garrett 

Garry Corgiat
Coroner Barney Udall

Perry Cook 
Sgt Chris Novak
Lauren Lane
Allison Novak
Courtney Barilla