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In Sickness and in Health

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 9 2 (UK)
47 x 30 minute episodes

Alf and Else Garnett returned in this sequel to Till Death Us Do Part, now living in a cheap ground floor flat in London (no mention is made of their time in Eastbourne). Else is ill with rheumatoid arthritis and has to be pushed everywhere in a wheelchair, a situation Alf is understandably unhappy with.

Dandy Nichols was ill during the making of the first series, and it shows. She died not long afterwards.

The second series saw Alf, now a widower, learning to get by with a smaller pension, although this does not stop him from enjoying his beer and tobacco as he rails against the uncaring Thatcherite ’80’s.


A new character, Mrs Hollingbery (Carmel McSharry) – an Irish widow who lived upstairs from Alf – was introduced to provide someone for him to argue with, along with Winston (Eamonn Walker), Alf’s home-help, who happens to be both black and gay – and who Alf nicknamed ‘Marigold’.

Arthur English was also brought in as Alf’s drinking partner Arthur. Other newcomers were Ken Campbell as a neighbour called Mr Johnson and Eileen Kennally (later replaced by Tricia Kelly) as his wife.

Una Stubbs managed a few guest appearances as Rita, now divorced from “that scouse git” (Anthony Booth declined to reprise his role as Mike, saying he had no interest in playing the character again).

Patricia Hayes also cropped up once or twice as Alf’s batty ex-neighbour, Min, accompanied by her senile, incontinent sister Gwenneth (Irene Handl).

The final series had Alf discovering a cache of used banknotes (loot from a 1950s bank robbery) in an old wardrobe and becoming a millionaire.

Alf Garnett
Warren Mitchell
Mrs Hollingbery
Carmel McSharry
Eamonn Walker
Else Garnett
Dandy Nichols
Arthur English
Una Stubbs
Mr Carey
Hugh Lloyd
Mrs Carey
Pat Coombs
Mr Johnson
Ken Campbell
Mrs Johnson
Eileen Kennally (1)
Tricia Kelly (2)
Patricia Hayes
Irene Handl