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1 9 8 6 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

This cartoon series was based on the Hasbro toy line of the same name and created by the same people who produced GI Joe and Transformers.

In a future era, a deadly breed of creatures called the Inhumanoids arise from Big Sur national park where they have been encased in amber, and threaten to destroy all living creatures.

The Inhumanoids – including Metlar, Tendril, D’Compose (pictured at left) and Sslither – are aided and abetted by corrupt industrialist Blackthorne Shore.

Stories relate the efforts of Earth Corps, a government-funded geological sciences research team including scientists Dr Herman (Herc) Armstrong (codename “Hooker”); Dr Derek Ericson Bright (codename “Digger”); Dr Edward ‘The Fist’ Augutter (codename “Auger”) and Dr Jonathan Martin Slattery (“Liquidator”), to defeat their deadly enemies.

Earth Corps are assisted by a race of subterranean creatures known as Mutores, including the Redwoods (sentient tree-beings) and the (rock-bodied) Granites.

Hasbro decided to end the toy line during the first season but allowed the show to continue as long as commercials for their other properties could be shown.

Dr Herman (Herc) Armstrong (“Hooker”)
Neil Ross
Dr Derek Ericson Bright (“Digger”)
Richard Sanders
Dr Edward ‘The Fist’ Augutter (“Auger”)
Michael Bell
Dr Jonathan Martin Slattery (“Liquidator”)
William Callaway
Sandra Shore (“Ms Navigator”)/Stella Blaze
Susan Silo
Colonel Anatoly Kiev (“Tank”)
Neil Ross.
Ed Gilbert
Christopher Collins
Sslither/Sabre Jet
Neil Ross
Stanley Ralph Ross
Granok/General Granitary
John Stephenson
Dick Gautier
Blackthorne Shore
Michael Bell
Nightcrawler/Dr Herman Manglar

William Callaway
Senator Masterson
Ed Gilbert