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Insiders, The

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 6 (USA)
18 x 60 minute episodes

Nick Fox (Nicholas Campbell) is a freelance investigative journalist who works for the nationally syndicated magazine Newspoint, edited by Alice West (Gail Strickland).


His sidekick James Mackay (Stoney Jackson) is a streetwise ex-con gone straight – more or less – and a Prince lookalike, who has been hired by Alice to use his expertise as a thief, con artist and schemer to assist Nick in getting stories.

Episodes related Nick and James’ efforts to acquire stories by becoming a part of them.

Other regular characters included Alice’s secretary, Melissa (Kelly Ann Conn); Nick’s cousin Roxanne (Jeannie Elias); and Alice’s mother, Louise (Jane Greer).

Compared heavily at the time to Miami Vice, the series ran for just one season. The theme song was Just A Job To Do by Genesis.

Nick Fox
Nicholas Campbell
James Mackay
Stoney Jackson
Alice West
Gail Strickland
Kelly Ann Conn
Jeannie Elias
Louise Browning
Jane Greer