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Island Son

1 9 8 9 (USA)
19 x 60 minute episodes

Dr Daniel Kulani (Richard Chamberlain) was an idealistic MD at the Kamehameha Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Also on staff at the centre was brash second-year resident Dr Tony Metzger (Timothy Carhart).

Daniel’s occasional girlfriend, Veronica (Leslie Bevis) was a cellist who travelled a lot.


He also had (adoptive) Hawaiian parents – Tutu (Kwan Hi Lim) and Nana (Betty Carvalho) – and a brother, James (Ray Bumatai).

Dr Daniel Kulani
Richard Chamberlain
Dr Kenji Fushida
Clyde Kusatsu
Nana Kulani
Betty Carvalho
Tutu Kulani
Kwan Hi Lim
Dr Tony Metzger
Timothy Carhart
Dr Caitlin McGrath
Carol Huston
Maggie Judd
Brynn Thayer
Veronica Redfield
Leslie Bevis
James Kulani
Ray Bumatai