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Jack and Mike

1 9 8 6 – 1 9 8 7 (USA)
16 x 60 minute episodes

Jackie “Jack” Shea (Shelley Hack, briefly one of Charlie’s Angels) is a beautiful, sophisticated newspaper columnist with the Chicago Mirror and her husband, Mike Brennan (Tom Mason) is a restaurateur who owns several Chicago eateries, including the hip 1935 Cafe.


The yuppie couple live a fast-paced life and their careers often interfere in their plans, but hand in hand, columnist and restaurateur fight injustice and still find time for romance.

When not seeking out wrongs to make right, the white wining and whining Jack and Mike fight, make up and turn off their answering machine.

Carol (Holly Fulger) is the head waitress at one of Mike’s restaurants. Kathleen (Carol Potter) is Mike’s sister, and Mary (Beatrice Straight) and John (James Green) are his parents.

Nora (Jacqueline Brookes) is the editor and Anthony (Kevin Dunn) a reporter at the newspaper, and Rick (Vincent Baggetta) is an attorney who appears occasionally.

Jack and Mike aired at 10:00 pm following Moonlighting on the ABC schedule and owed more than a little to the David and Maddie characters on that show.

Many critics hated the show at first sight – the Los Angeles Times called it “a clunking dramatic series”, while the Washington Post rated it “nothing if not blah” – and it did not fare well in the ratings.

Jackie Shea
Shelley Hack
Mike Brennan
Tom Mason
Tricia O’Neil
Carol Greene
Holly Fulger
Nora Adler
Jacqueline Brookes
Anthony Kubecek
Kevin Dunn
Rick Scotti
Vincent Baggetta
Charlotte Branigan
Carol Rossen
Carol Potter
Mary Brennan
Beatrice Straight
John Brennan
James Green