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Jake and The Fatman

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 9 1 (USA)
100+ x 60 minute episodes

William (Cannon) Conrad starred as J.L. (Jason Lochinvar) McCabe, a former cop turned hard-boiled District Attorney in a large unidentified southern California city, who often teamed up with hip young private detective Jake Styles (Joe Penny) to crack his cases.

McCabe, who had a reputation for being tactless and persistent and using unconventional methods when investigating a case, was nicknamed “Fatman” because of his large size. His constant companion was his ancient pet bulldog, Max.

Also on McCabe’s staff at the District Attorney’s office were Derek Mitchell, an enthusiastic – if somewhat rash – young man (Alan Campbell), and McCabe’s outspoken secretary, Gertrude (Lu Leonard).

During the second season of Jake and The Fatman, McCabe retired from politics and moved to Hawaii where he opened a private detective agency. Jake and Derek joined McCabe in Hawaii, doing most of the leg work for the fat McCabe, who usually remained in the office.

One year later, McCabe, along with Jake and Derek (and, of course, Max) moved back to the mainland, taking his Hawaiian secretary Lisbeth Berkeley-Smythe (Olga Russell) with him.

The mayor of the city where he had formerly been the District Attorney asked McCabe to investigate corruption in the D.A’s office.

William Conrad died of a heart attack in 1994.

J.L. ‘Fatman’ McCabe 
William Conrad
Jake Styles 

Joe Penny
Derek Mitchell 

Alan Campbell
Lu Leonard
Lisbeth Berkeley-Smythe
Olga Russell