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Joe Bash

1 9 8 6 (USA)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This short-lived but critically acclaimed dramedy from the producers of Barney Miller featured sour and lonely veteran beat cop Joe Bash (Peter Boyle) of the 33rd Precinct in New York City.

Joe and his idealistic young rookie partner, Willie Smith (Andrew Rubin) patrol a ghetto section of Manhattan’s crumbling Lower East Side at night, with Joe – who is nearing retirement – trying to put in his remaining time quietly so he can finish his tour and collect his pension.

On his rounds with Willie, Joe copes with simmering hostility from the black and Hispanic people on his beat and old women found dead in their dreary apartments. While Willie tries to get a rise out of his partner, Joe goes about his business getting the local merchants to give him a free candy bar or another bowl of soup.

Peter Boyle managed to keep Joe perfectly poised between being a scoundrel and a saint.

Unfortunately, the outrageously different comedy/drama – which was sharper and more abrasive in tone than the average sitcom – was cancelled by ABC before it really even got going.

Joe Bash
Peter Boyle
Willie Smith
Andrew Rubin
DeLane Matthews
Lt. Pendleton
Michael Cavanaugh


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