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Jonny Briggs

1 9 8 5 – 1 9 8 7 (UK)
28 x 20 minute episodes

Big-eared Jonny Briggs (Richard Holian) lives at home in Yorkshire with his eccentric family – Mam (Jane Lowe) and Dad (Leslie Schofield), older sister “our Rita” (Sue Devaney) and older brothers “our Albert” (Tommy Robinson) and Humphrey (Jeremy Austin), known as “our Humph” – and his pet dog, Razzle. Another older sister, Marilyn, is mentioned but never seen.

The stories often centre on Jonny’s school life, where he and his best friend Pam (Georgina Lane) are constantly in battle with the dreadful twins Jinny (Adele Parry) and Josie (Rachel Powell).

Filmed in Bradford, the BBC series was based on a series of books by Joan Eadington.

Jonny Briggs
Richard Holian
Jane Lowe
Leslie Schofield
Rita Briggs
Sue Devaney
Albert Briggs
Tommy Robinson
Humphrey Briggs
Jeremy Austin
Georgina Lane
Debbie Norris
Adele Parry
Rachel Powell
Miss Broom
Karen Meagher