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Jukes of Piccadilly

1 9 8 0 (UK)
6 x 25 minute episodes

Brinsley Jukes (Nigel Hawthorne) is a tea importer by trade with premises in Piccadilly, London, which have been owned by the family since 1887. But there’s more to Mr Jukes than meets the eye. For he is also a private detective, concerning himself in various hair-raising escapades.

Eccentric in dress, he travels everywhere on his faithful bicycle – hence why he is one of the leading advocates for the BBBC (the Bring Back The Bicycle Campaign). His right-hand man is Cromarty (Manning Wilson).

The Thames TV series was split into three two-part stories and aired at 4:45 pm on Monday afternoons.

The first story, The Corcelli Medallion, told the story of Ben (Dexter Fletcher), a teenage treasure hunter who finds half a medallion on one of his escapades, which turns out to be part of a map showing the location of hidden Roman treasure.

Brinsley becomes involved when he witnesses Ben being kidnapped by the ruthless villain Vincenzo (Jonathan Elsom) and his Italian gang who have the second half of the medallion.

The second of the two-part stories – The Case of the Arabian Kidnap – involved Brinsley being asked by Sheik Achmed (Peter Bland) to investigate the kidnapping of his niece, Princess Ayallah (Rebecca Mascarenhas).

An escape from prison and a family wedding are somehow connected in the third story – Dulverton Green.

Brinsley Jukes
Nigel Hawthorne
Manning Wilson
Dexter Fletcher
Jonathan Elsom
Sheik Achmed
Peter Bland
Princess Ayallah
Rebecca Mascarenhas
Geoffrey Martindale
James Cossins


The Corcelli Medallion: Part 1 | The Corcelli Medallion: Part 2 | The Case of the Arabian Kidnap: Part 1 | The Case of the Arabian Kidnap: Part 2 | Dulverton Green: Part 1 | Dulverton Green: Part 2