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Just Our Luck

1 9 8 3 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

TV weatherman Keith Burrows (Richard Gilliland) gets a green bottle at a knickknack stand and finds he’s inherited a genie (T.K. Carter). “I am Shabu, your genie. I must serve you for 2000 years or your death, whichever comes first”.

What’s more, Shabu is black. That’s just what Keith needs in 1983 – a slave!

Furthermore, Keith is a lousy weatherman. In the words of his gorgeous program director Meagan Huxley (Ellen Maxted), “You just stick on the screen. Like old gum. You have no personality, no style, no sex appeal, no charisma. No offence”.

Then Shabu does his number and presto! Keith’s a dynamic weatherman who’s so sharp and sexy the program director falls madly in love with him.

Unfortunately for Keith, she was engaged to station manager Nelson Marriott (Rod McCary).

The sight of a black man calling a white man “master” was just too much for many African Americans, and ABC received many complaints from civil rights groups and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

T.K. Carter
Keith Burrows
Richard Gilliland
Meagan Huxley
Ellen Maxted
Nelson Marriott
Rod McCary
Richard Schaal
Professor Bob
Hamilton Camp
Jim Dexter
Leonard Simon