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Kay O’Brien, Surgeon

1 9 8 6 (USA/Canada)
14 x 60 minute episodes

Patricia Kalember starred in the title role as a 28-year-old second-year surgical resident at the (fictitious) Manhattan General Hospital in New York. “Kayo” struggled to keep her job and sense of humour in a traditionally male-dominated profession.

The expert female knife-wielder operated in an environment inhabited by the arrogant and chauvinistic Dr Mark Doyle (Brian Benben); her teacher and mentor Dr Robert Moffitt (Lane Smith); sarcastic and authoritative chief surgeon Dr Josef Wallach (Jan Rubes); eager intern Dr Cliff Margolis (Tony Soper), and head ER nurse Rosa Villanueva (Priscilla Lopez).

With the exception of a few second-unit exterior scenes shot in New York City, the CBS show was filmed entirely on location in Toronto and in two unused wings at Toronto General Hospital – the first US primetime series to shoot (almost) exclusively in Canada.,

Broadcast against NBC’s Hill Street Blues the series was cancelled after only eight episodes aired.

Dr Kay ‘Kayo’ O’Brien
Patricia Kalember
Dr Mark Doyle
Brian Benben
Rosa Villanueva RN
Priscilla Lopez
Dr Josef Wallach
Jan Rubes
Dr Robert Moffitt
Lane Smith
Dr Cliff Margolis
Tony Soper
Dr Michael Kwan
Keone Young