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King’s Crossing

1 9 8 2 (USA)
10 x 60 minute episodes

Spunky Carey Hollister (Marilyn Jones) and her sultry sister Lauren (Linda Hamilton) were just little girls when they last visited King’s Crossing in rural California, 10 years ago.


Now, with their parents (Bradford Dillman and Mary Frann), they’ve returned – and things certainly have changed.

Aunt Louisa (Beatrice Straight) has something to hide, and pretty cousin Jillian (Doran Clark) lives like a recluse and can’t remember the accident that left her hobbled.

This short-lived prime-time soap from Lorimar Productions (DallasKnots LandingFlamingo Road) also featured Carey’s crush on a stable hand (Daniel Zippi), Lauren’s calculated flirtation with a noted maestro, Mom’s attraction to an old flame and Daddy’s battle with the bottle.

Paul Hollister
Bradford Dillman
Nan Hollister
Mary Frann
Lauren Hollister
Linda Hamilton
Carey Hollister
Marilyn Jones
Billy McCall
Daniel Zippi
Doran Clark
Louisa Beauchamp
Beatrice Straight
Willa Bristol
Dorothy Meyer