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Kwicky Koala Show, The

1 9 8 3 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

The half-hour Kwicky Koala Show from Hanna-Barbera consisted of three separate segments plus the Bungle Brothers’ short acts.


Kwicky Koala was a peace-loving happy-go-lucky Australian bear (yes, I know the Koala is not a bear, but hey – it was a cartoon!) who liked to snack on eucalyptus leaves and slowly stroll about enjoying the beauty of nature.

But when necessary, he could move with lightning speed, much to the frustration of wiley Wilford Wolf.

Wilford did a lot of scheming and grabbing at the elusive Kwicky, which usually led to a turnabout in the wolf’s foul play.

Crazy Claws was a wacko wildcat with the claws of a buzz saw and a wit to match. His slashing sarcasm was often directed against the intrepid trapper Rawhide Clyde and his scraggly companion Bristletooth, who were in a never-ending chase after Crazy.

kwickykoala15 kwickykoala5

Caught in the middle was park supervisor Ranger Dangerfield who read out rules and regulations along with a few factual ecology hints and Mother Nature’s homilies.

kwickykoala19Dirty Dawg was a dingy dandy who dressed in the best sartorial splendour that could be found in the local garbage dump.

Along with his semi-faithful sidekick, Ratso, Dirty went on a variety of daily escapades.

But having no dog tag, derelict Dirty was a constant concern to Officer Bullhorn, yet he could never quite catch the ne’er-do-well Dawg, who sometimes almost did good.

The bumbling Bungle Brothers, big Joey and little George (pictured), the un-identical twins, tried desperately to perfect their vaudeville act and become headliners in showbiz. They had lots of will, but could never quite find the way.