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1 9 8 4 (USA)
2 x 150 minute episodes

This two-part, five-hour miniseries from Lorimar Productions is best defined as a mini-soap. It was made by the people who made Dallas and so was naturally big on glamour, wealth, deceit and revenge. It was very big on fantasy, gloss and cliches.

The first episode introduced European castles, snow-capped Alps, three frisky, pretty young girls in a finishing school run by a pervert and three frisky, handsome young men.

At times, roused adolescent fantasy and reality were difficult to distinguish, especially when one frisky handsome young man galloped on a white charger across a chocolate box meadow to rescue the damsels in distress in a runaway horsecart.

The three frisky, pretty young women – Judy (Bess Armstrong), Pagan (Brooke Adams) and Maxine (Arielle Dombasle) – all have their evil way with their men – Pierre (François Guétary), Prince Abdullah (Anthony Higgins) and Nicholas (Simon Chandler) – and one falls pregnant.

The resulting child is left with a European family until one of the girls is on her feet, so to speak, in her career. Unfortunately, that day is a long time coming and the little girl grows up twisted and bitter – and a porn queen.

Lili (played passably by Phoebe Cates) plots terrible revenge but really she is just a little lost girl who longs to rest her brunette head upon her real mother’s breast.

Initially, Lace was very Barbara Cartland (romantic candy floss) but by episode two it was more like Dynasty (sex and revenge and expensive clothes). But to its credit, Lace was beautifully filmed. Pity about the script.

Judy Hale
Bess Armstrong
Jennifer ‘Pagan’ Trelawney
Brooke Adams
Maxine Pascal
Arielle Dombasle
Phoebe Cates
Prince Abdullah
Anthony Higgins
Aunt Hortense Boutin
Angela Lansbury
Monsieur Chardin
Herbert Lom
Dr Geneste
Anthony Quayle
Honor Blackman
Sir Christopher Swann
Nickolas Grace
Count Charles de Chazalle
Leigh Lawson
Nick Cliffe
Simon Chandler
Tom Schwartz
Trevor Eve
Pierre Boursal
François Guétary
Jonathan Hyde
Mrs Trelawney
June Brown
Alexandre Chazelle
Simon de La Brosse
Féodor Atkine
Sylvie Herbert
Jacques Maury
Philip Stone
Madame Chardin
Ginette Garcin
Jo Stiarkoz
Terence Rigby
Pierre Olaf
Piggy Fassbinder
Annette Badland
Queen Serah
Celia Gregory
Dominique Blanc
Stéphane Bonnet