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Ladies in Charge

1 9 8 6 (UK)
6 x 52 minute episodes

Three well-spoken upper-class young ladies – Diana (Carol Royle), Babs (Julia Hills) and Vicky (Julia Swift) – find 1920s London society distinctly dull after the high times they had driving ambulances in France during the Great War so decide to start an agency for “helping people”.

ladiesinchargeThey place an advertisement in the Times which creates quite the wrong sort of impression.

The three girls subsequently trace the disappearance of a young mother, investigate a sinister medium called Madame Morgan, track down a prowler, and help a Russian countess to trace her missing jewels and emigre nephew.

The six-part series from Thames Television had a screenplay by Alfred Shaughnessy written from stories by Julia Jones, Anne Valery, Paula Milne and Fay Weldon.

Diana Granville
Carol Royle
Babs Palmer
Julia Hills
Vicky Barton
Julia Swift
Frank Sutton
Graham Chinn


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