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Lame Ducks

1 9 8 4 – 1 9 8 5 (UK)
12 x 30 minute episodes

Brian Drake (John Duttine) is hit by a lorry and while convalescing in hospital is told by his wife that she wants a divorce.

On release from the hospital, he sells his house and takes off with the proceeds to find a new home in the countryside.

Accompanying him is a reformed arsonist called Tommy (Patric Turner), who he met in hospital, and the two are soon joined by the promiscuous Angie (Lorraine Chase), and Maurice (Tony Millan), a postman who wants to walk around the world on a 6-foot ball.

Completing the collection of lame ducks is Ansell (Brian Murphy), the incompetent private detective sent by Drake’s wife to track him down.

The group of misfits all move into a cottage in the village of Scar’s Edge, where Mrs Kelly (Cyd Hayman) becomes their glamorous but somewhat unpredictable neighbour.

For the second series, the setting changed to a disused railway station at Stutterton Stop.

Lame Ducks was the first venture into comedy by drama writer PJ Hammond, who created Sapphire and Steel among other programmes.

Brian Drake 
John Duttine

Patric Turner

Lorraine Chase

Tony Millan

Brian Murphy
Mrs Drake 

Primi Townsend
Mrs Kelly 

Cyd Hayman