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Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills

1 9 8 6 (USA)
6 x 30 minute episodes

When his bra manufacturing business suddenly begins to show a tremendous profit, Leo Green (Harvey Korman) moves his wife, Liz (Valerie Perrine), and their daughter, Mitzi (Sue Ball), from New Jersey to the luxury and glamour of 105 North Bevon Drive, Beverly Hills, California.

Stories relate their misadventures as they attempt to fit in among the rich and famous.

Other Regulars included their housekeeper, Lucille (Julie Payne); their handyman, Leonard (Michael J. Pollard); and their neighbours Diane (Deborah Harmon) and Jerry (Ken Kimmons) Fedderson and their son, Bunky (Peter Aykroyd).

Liz Green
Valerie Perrine
Leo Green
Harvey Korman
Mitzi Green
Sue Ball
Lucille Trumbley
Julie Payne
Michael J. Pollard
Diane Fedderson
Deborah Harmon
Jerry Fedderson
Ken Kimmons
Bunky Fedderson
Peter Aykroyd