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Levkas Man

1 9 8 1 (Australia/West Germany)
6 x 60 minute episodes

This short Australian, English and German co-production focussed on archaeological research and the smuggling of ancient artefacts from Greece.

The title referred to the belief of Dr Gerrard (Marius Goring) that prehistoric man trekked from Africa into Europe over what is now the floor of the Mediterranean. The absolute proof of this, he believed, could be found on the island of Levkas.

The doctor’s son, Paul Gerrard (Robert Coleby), was tricked into accepting a shady job for a Hamburg antique dealer – an assignment that took him to Greece where his father was in trouble.

The two men hadn’t been in touch for eight years but, blood being thicker than ouzo, Paul decided to try and locate and help his mysterious father.

The series (based on a Hammond Innes novel and filmed on location in Greece) started rather confusingly but the performances were strong and the storyline intriguing.

Marius Goring starred as archaeologist Dr Peter Gerrard, Irishman T.P. McKenna played his rival, Holroyd, Robert Coleby was Gerrard’s adventurer son, former Randall and Hopkirk: Deceased and Coronation Street star Kenneth Cope was seaman Bert, and Takis Emmanuel played a Greek police chief.

Paul Gerrard
Robert Coleby
Dr. Peter Gerrard
Marius Goring
Ann Michelle
Diana Körner
T.P. McKenna
Kenneth Cope
Takis Emmanuel
Ferdy Mayne
Richard Terry
Wolfgang Finck