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Little Green Man, The

1 9 8 5 (UK)
13 x 15 minute episodes

Sitting in a comfy armchair one evening, Sidney Keets (“Skeets” to his friends) was busy reading an engrossing book. His concentration was broken by a sudden commotion outside his window – a spaceship had landed in his garden.

Investigating, Skeets discovered a friendly Little Green Man who talked in unintelligible jabber and was accompanied by a little ball of yellow energy that levitated from place to place – this was Zoom Zoom.

Greenie (as Skeets called the alien) had travelled from the distant planet Zombazan on an important mission to learn about the children of Earth.

Together, Skeets, Greenie and Zoom Zoom enjoyed a string of adventures (all narrated by Jon Pertwee), taking full advantage of Greenie’s powers – but always with a healthy dose of morality.

As with many ITV children’s programmes, the series was broadcast in the 12-noon timeslot before being repeated later that day at 4 pm.

The Little Green Man attracted 7.5 million viewers at its peak and spawned a wealth of merchandise such as books, pyjamas and a hard-boiled Greenie lolly.

Jon Pertwee